Matte Banner


Matte Banner

13oz Matte Vinyl Banner - Custom Design

Get your message across with our Matte  Banners that are printed on durable vinyl.

Looking to attract the attention of your target clientele? Our Matte Banners are the way to go! Serrano Printing Matte finish custom vinyl banners are perfect for spotlights and outdoor locations. If you require a more polished look, choose our hemming option with added grommets which will help you easily hang up your banner.

Guidelines for designing Banners

Make it visible

We have an array of sizes to accommodate all your printing needs and can print vinyl banners up to 144”x 60” dimensions. Our Matte and Gloss banners are suitable for both outdoors and indoors. For maximum results, try to print some display boards, retractable banners etc. to go along with your main banner.

Be Bold!

Whether you are trying to promote an event, product or launch a business, your Gloss or Matte banner needs to have a clear and concise message. The banner should have easy to read copy, visible imagery and a bold headline that will catch the attention of your target audience.

Go Big!

Using small fonts and lengthy paragraphs will not be effective when printing a banner as your target audience will not be able to see it clearly. Use big, bold lettering that can be read from a distance! Try to use solid colors instead of pastels and stay away from complicated images.

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