Retractable Banners


Retractable Banners

Use our Retractable Banner to promote your products and events. These banners are great for instore and event displays.

We have two sizes to choose from:

Standard 33"x80"

Wide 47"x80"

All our retractable banners are printed on 10 mil vinyl. The retractable banners have a convenient roll up feature that makes it easy to transport, therefore making it a popular choice for events, trade shows, pop up stores etc.

Guidelines for designing a Retractable Banner

Keep it at eye level

Make sure to keep your slogan and logo at eye level so that it could be easily noticed by your customers.  Try to stick to a general path of left to right and top to bottom because your customers are most likely to read in this direction.

Be creative and colorful

Try to include your business color scheme into your banner by incorporating it into the background or the fonts. Try to use bold colors over pastel colors as bold colors can be noticed from far. If your banner has images ensure that they are of high quality.

Trade Show Displays

If you have a trade show coming up, then retractable banners are the perfect choice for you. They are easy to set up and pack up. For maximum results pair your banners with display boards and hanging banners.

Contact Details

Make sure to clearly state your website, phone number and address on your banner. Should you require, include your social media handles as well.

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